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Welcome to our website Pack des Terres de Madinina breeding of Altdeutscher Schäferhund or Long Haired Old German Shepperd



A few steps of the creation of the Pack des Terres de  Madinina


2011: Following the loss of our Dog Argentina after 10 years of happiness and sharing, we wanted find a dog which combined beauty, character, obedience and personable. In doing research via the various media, we had the chance to fall on the breeding" La Légende du Loup Noir". Its owner, genuine passionee of dogs of type lupoide, has su wake up in us the passion for this race that is the produces With Schäferhunde.

2012: That's on January the 08th that Rammstein de La Légende du Loup Noir born, beautiful silver male who sealed where the departure of the adventure which would lead us to the birth of the Pack des Terres de Madinina. Before wait 8 weeks in order to recover our new baby, Laetitia sent us photos each week in order to make us wait.

Living the Antilles and more particularly Saint Martin, we needed to find a solution so that he could join us. After information from the airlines, we have taken the decision to do so back in accompanied baggage with our son reside in Montpellier, the transportation charges for a dog all alone being exorbitant. It is in June that what was going to make a change of life came.
2013: January creation of the Union French dog of the produces With Schäferhunde (UCFAS) created in order to govern the standard of the race and more widely to the rearing of the AS in France

continued to wonderful shared with the new member of our family and the passion for this race, we decided to settle in France in order to find female of good lineage, remaining in the silver color, our remoteness making the impossible thing.

It is in August that started our journey to finally arrive on 1 September at our charming La Bergerie, departure of our adventure.

During this time, my research on the different media and social networks i have led us to make the knowledge of Iris, owner of the breeding "Von Camelot". After verification of the database concordance of pedigrees with that of our male Rammstein, we booked a small female of pure lineage DDR, ensuring a good basis for our livestock. She was born the August 21 to make us wait, Iris sent us  pictures every week to show us its evolution, in addition we had exchange every day via the social networks to follow all its changes, and share our common passion, which was not always easy, because I do not speak German, but Iris although do not practicing commonly has su exchange in English with me.

August 25. We went to Belgium at the 7th Brigand Trophy in Ingelmunster in order to confirm our male Rammstein, it is output with the honors, second of the expo ACC in the pocket.

November, departure for Germany in the company of my great son Jonathan. After a journey of 14h in the rain on the German motorways, those who know will know what I am talking about, we arrived in a charming small town and discovery the breeding of Iris "Von Camelot", this last we reserve a charming welcome and we have lunch in the company of her husband and Karin owner of the superb Drago of the breeding MühlenWolf which we aida much in English in our exchanges. After a night of rest, we are back in the company of our new baby Candy Von Camelot a female silver very burned.

December, our research in order to acquire another female, in order to constitute a good basis for our livestock, have continued during these long months. It is by chance that one day, immersed in my research, that i fell on the breeding of Polish Beata "Scrato z Nysy". We are fallen on a small female sand charred - of excellent origin, of black mother and father silver, it converges the wire driver of our livestock industry the silver. It is thus that we booked Oceania Whitney Scrato z Nysy. We very quickly organized his trip from Poland to France and it is to the originating from another journey of 8h of car that we recover at the airport in Paris.


2014: The adventure continues and our girls grow up, Candy very dark, at the outset, if clarified enormously and Oceania developed a beautiful fleece that the fact more like a lion than to a AS

December, we have program to go to the Regional Livestock organized by the Union French dog of the produces With Schäferhundle (UCFAS) which will take place in the 42 between Saint Etienne and Lyon.

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